Organic Sofrito Lady

What is Sofrito? 

Organic Sofrito is a combination of herbs and vegetables blended to a concentrate to make every day cooking easier, healthier and delicious. It's a great way to add aromatics to your dishes without adding salt, sugar or preservatives.

Use Organic Sofrito in your everyday dishes. Add it to your sautées, soups and stews. You can use it as a base for a marinade or brush it on your fish, meat or poultry. Toss it on your favorite vegetables for a sheet-pan side dish. Most especially add it to your rice and bean...the options are endless!

Our only goal is to  bring clean flavor to our food and share that with others as we take a journey through learning how to eat healthy and clean without sacrificing taste. Organic Sofrito is great for gluten free, dairy free and vegan diets. 

We post new recipes on our Recipes page often and even take requests. 

Let us know what you made with Organic Sofrito. Tag us in the post! #OrganicSofritoLady 

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Where To Find Us

We are currently at the Port Jefferson Farmers Market located inside the Port Jefferson Village Center for the winter season. 

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